Complete the Survey Following these Instructions: 
  • Please answer every question and fill in every box unless asked to skip questions.
  • In all questions that refer to "before COVID," please enter data based on March 2020.
  • For Questions 5 through 7, information should be given for the month of October 2020
  • School-age children are age 5-12 attending school and receving care in October 2020
  • If rates varied for the same child care service, enter the rate that most parents are charged.
  • Rates should be for one-time payments and one-time pick-up of children.  If parents receive a discount for paying early, enter the rate they would have paid without a discount. 
  • If parents paid more then you regularly charge due to late payment or because they picked up children late, do not include these extra charges.
If you prefer to print your own paper copy of the survey, Go To: https://survey.ncsu.edu/childcare/final.pdf

Note: Please answer all questions. Select Don't Know/NA, where appropriate. To access this survey please allow pop-ups for this site.
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